रविवार, 26 जुलाई 2020

👉 Accept Your Flaws

Whenever one commits a mistake he instantly feels a shock in the inner self. But the next moment his (extrovert) conscious mind comes into action and advices to ignore and hide it because there will insult, penalty or some other unpleasant experience if others come to know about it… This idea further accrues lame excuses, false arguments and triggers him find ways to somehow protect himself and allege someone else for whatever wrong has been done.

But this is the beginning of a vicious cycle. Hiding a flaw even for once induces a tendency to do so again and again. This gradually becomes a habit and one stops caring for what is wrong and what is not. The mist of falsehood darkens and weakens his inner self and cultivates sinful tendencies.

Confessing for own weakness or misdeeds in fact shows one’s spiritual courage and inner purity. So, if one accepts his own flaws or apologizes for whatever wrong he has committed, he would elevate his dignity. This is a brave act. It enhances one’s inner strength. With same strength, one should vow not to repeat such mistakes. Doing this will gradually refine him and accelerate his progress along the righteous path of progress on the worldly as well as spiritual fronts.

📖  Akhand Jyoti, April 1946

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