सोमवार, 22 जून 2020

👉 Don’t be Afraid of Death

Most people are scared of death. The hidden cause of this peculiar psychology is said to be that the unconscious mind is  apprehensive of the consequences of the sins committed by the individual self. It is a common observation that no one
wants to face tragic or adverse situations and tries to evade even the thought of any terrorizing experience or dolorous moment. The possibilities of punitive results of wrong actions of one life in the life after death therefore make it such a horrifying event.

Ignorance compounds this fear because one generally prefers moving into familiar or known directions; death appears to be a  transit point to entering into a dark, totally new, suspicious phase of uncertain existence. If the individual self, the unconscious mind was sure to transit into a brighter, better phase of life after death, why would it be afraid? But this inner strength, this confidence arises only if one has listened to the conscience, cared to awaken the inner self. If you want to conquer over the fear of death, you should keep a vigilant watch on your desires, your thoughts and try to mold them and all your activities in the righteous direction, as guided by great sages and saints. This way you will adopt religion in your conduct, which will inspire inner refinement.

Gradually your inner self will experience that death is only an opportunity to enter newer lights, to augment your auspicious activities and experiences. All fear and suspicions will evaporate and then death will appear to be only a natural activity like changing a dress. With greater enlightenment, you will welcome it as a chance for evolution of the individual consciousness, which is ‘you’.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Sept. 1944

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