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👉 When is a Prayer Granted?

Our prayers deserve to be heard by the Almighty only when we take care of making use of the potentials he has already bestowed upon us. Accumulation of negative tendencies of lethargy, dullness, escapism from duties, ignorance, etc makes one hazardous – for his own life – like a balloon full of concentrated acid, which is most likely to explode anytime or ruin due to the acidic burning.

The rules in the system of God work like a vigilant gardener who uproots the useless and harmful wild growth and carefully nurses the saplings of the useful vegetation. If a field is not ploughed and is full of useless grass or shrubs etc, how can it yield a crop (even if the soil is fertile)? Who will praise a farmer, who lets his field be destroyed without bothering to clean it? The system of God certainly can’t allow its field of Nature to be left unguarded. The rules of the Omnipresent are such that the vices, the evils, the futile, get eliminated continuously so that the perfection and eternal beauty of HIS creation remains unperturbed. If you expect your calls to be heard, you will also have to constantly strive for self-refinement.

The best way to get the response to your prayers is to awaken your self confidence and follow the path of duties. Then alone your inner self will awake. The opening to the path to the Light Divine lies deep within the realm of soul and enlightened inner self provides the only bridge to reach this sublime source.

Those who don’t have faith in the dignity of their own souls, who keep ignoring the inner voice and hunt in the external world to quench their wishes are lost in the smog of passions and confusions and invite adversities for themselves. Those who scorn their own (inner) selves are also rebuked at God’s end and their prayers evaporate in the void…

📖 Akhand Jyoti, March 1943

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