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👉 The Absolute Law Of Karma (Part 16)

SANCHIT KARMAS (Involuntary Mental Karmas):

Being extremely feeble, the samskars produced by Sanchit Karmas may remain in a dormant state in the psyche for thousands of years through successive births. These samskars generally remain inactive, but if a suitable stimulant is provided to them by deliberate, strong, conscious repetition of similar deeds, these, too become active. In the company of strong healthy horses,a lame horse too begins to trot.

With good soil and adequate rains even rotten seeds germinate. Association with identical samskars makes the week samskars gain strength, whereas if the past samskars repeatedly come in contact with the opposite type of samskars, the former are completely wiped out. If for a long duration evil samskars face a long continuous inflow of good samskars, the latter destroy them totally. As a matter of fact, the good as well as bad Sanchit Samskars bear fruit in favorable environments and are destroyed when confronted with an adverse milieu. Pilgrimages and rituals recommended in religious practices are meant to wipe out the weak, evil samskars accumulated as Sanchit Karmas.

.... to be continue
✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
📖 The Absolute Law Of Karma Page 29

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