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👉 The Absolute Law Of Karma (Part 8)


A sinful act leaves an indelible dark spot on the conscience of a relatively more virtuous individual. In other words, the gravity of sin is considered lesser in the case of an illiterate, ignorant, uncivilized person. With the increase in wisdom a person acquires a greater capability to discriminate between right and wrong, proper and improper. The conscience becomes aware of the consequences of proper and improper actions. The “Voice of Conscience”, therefore, becomes more assertive. It becomes more responsible. None blames an infant for dirtying its undergarments. Nor does the child feel embarrassed for it.

On the other hand, if a grown-up person behaves in such a manner, the society considers it disgraceful and the individual too feels embarrassed and humiliated. With self-evolution, the soul also has to share additional responsibility for higher level of morality and ethics. A soldier will probably be discharged after a minor punishment an account of disobedience, but an officer will have to face court martial for a similar  misconduct. When wise, intelligent and empathic persons indulge in corrupts practices, Chitragupta records these in the category of grave sins.

Mythology tells us that king Nripa had to face hell for a minor offence. When an ignorant person commits a crime, it is not taken seriously, but if a person made responsible for upholding standards of morality for the masses (a brahmin) deviates from his course of duty, in the court of divine justice he/she deserves a stern punishment. A social reformer has the status of a leader in society. Being a leader has its own advantages, but the leader also has the highest responsibility. Knowledgeable persons have the formidable responsibility of adhering to upright conduct and unimpeachable character, failing which; divine justice will make them suffer the agony of falling from a mountaintop to the depths of a valley. In the following chapter we shall discuss the various types of actions (karmas) and their relationship with Divine Justice.

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