सोमवार, 11 फ़रवरी 2019

👉 Scientific Spirituality

Scientific spirituality is a virtuous fusion of scientific outlook and spiritual vision. In the scientific attitude, there is no place for prejudice, traditions, superstitions or dogma. Herein only those thoughts and actions are honored that are logical, appropriate and aim at investigating the truth. Instead of a convention or tradition, only the results of experimental findings are considered authentic. In short, the scientific outlook relies more on discernment than tradition. The seer of Manduka Upnishada declares the same as ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (meaning -Truth alone triumphs).

This scientific outlook is perfected by the refined perception of the spiritual values of life. It is this perception that gives birth to all kinds of noble virtues. Wherever this perception is absent, nobility will also be absent there. Sometimes, due to confusion, the truth and this kind of inner vision are considered irreconcilably opposite. Truth and intuitive vision, like science and spirituality, are not opposite but complementary to each other. The truth makes the perception resolute and the perception makes truth purposeful.

The continuity of the experiments of scientific spirituality keeps the life busy in finding truth without losing the intuitive awareness of reality. It maintains a balance between the genius of a scientist and the intuition of a saint present in a human being. If this practice

Chota Sankalp Bhi Kese Bada Ho Sakta Hai
Dr Chinmay Pandya

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