सोमवार, 13 अगस्त 2018

👉 Motivational Story Not run

🔷 One day, Swami Vivekananda was returning from temple of Ma Kali. On the path, Swamiji saw a number of monkeys who were not allowing him to pass through it. Whenever Swamiji would take a step forward, those monkeys would make a lot of noise and make angry face, showing their anger by shrieking near his feet.

🔶 As Swami Vivekananda took a step forward, monkeys got close to him. Swamiji began to run and the monkeys started chasing him. Faster Swamiji ran, bolder monkey got and tried to catch him and bite him.

🔷 Just then an old Sanyasi shouted from a distance, "Face them…" Those words brought Swamiji to senses and he stopped running. He turned back to boldly face them. As soon as Swamiji did that, the monkeys ran away and left.

🔶 Moral: We should not run away from challenges; instead we should face them boldly.

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