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👉 The Roots of Fulfillment

Most thinkers, philosophers of the world opine that self-evolution is a natural desire, and tendency of every living being. In fact this is what lies behind one’s quest for progress and joy… All efforts, all competitions and struggles for worldly possessions, sensual pleasures, ego-satisfaction emanate from this rootcause in the deepest depth, though we don’t realize it because of our extrovert
attitude and illusions of letting the worldly substances and circumstances as the keys to a treasure of joy.

One earns money with hard work and keeps saving it to get more and more. Why? Because, he ‘feels’ it like a source of joy. But the same fellow might spend his savings in gorgeous arrangements of his child’s marriage? Why? Because that might give him a ‘feeling’ of greater pleasure of making his child happy or gaining prestige in the society or what not…! A dacoit risks his life in bringing huge wealth in loot, but what does he do of it? He might just throw it in drinking liquor; because for him that might appear to be a greater source of pleasure than saving the money or using it some other ways.

If the savings are consumed in religious alms or treatment of a disease, one does not feel as bad as one would, if the same amount was lost due to burglary. So what we see common in all these examples and perhaps in every action of our life is that one opts for what he or she feels or thinks as more satisfying, although this satisfaction or joy might be just circumstantial, illusory and short-lived. Deeper thinking would indicate that the root of this quest for joy or fulfillment lies beneath the sublime core of eternal quest of the self for ascent, for betterment, for unbounded evolution… Then we would then attempt for the absolute unalloyed bliss, ultimate fulfillment.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, June 1940

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