सोमवार, 25 जून 2018

👉 True knowledge

🔷 Once upon a time, there lived an erudite man in a town. He has studied a vast range of scholarly works. He used to feel proud of his scholastic and intellectual attainments. Whether it was day time or night, he used to walk with a lighted lamp in his hand. If asked about this peculiar habit, he would arrogantly reply- “There is darkness everywhere in the world. I walk with this lamp so that there could be some light”.

🔶 Once this arrogant scholar came across a saint. The saint started laughing when he saw the scholar with the lighted lamp and said-“My friend, if your eyes are not blind of the ever shining sun then don’t tell that there is darkness around the wourld. What will this tiny lamp of yours add to the limitless glow of the sunlight? Where does the light of your knowledge stand before the the infinite knowledge of the Omniscient? If possible, try to know this simple fact that true knowledge can’t be attained just by reading and cramming tonnes of books and treatises. True knowledge comes through the realization of the indwelling light of everywhere present Divinity.

📖 From Pragya Puran

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