मंगलवार, 29 मई 2018

👉 Amrit Chintan 29 May

🔷 Self confidence and sentiment are two different things. Self confidence men is always far sighted. He is always brave and confident all confident people always apply their contemplation. Hard working and activeness is always associated with that.

🔶 Among the prominent figures of this world intellectuals, learned leaders, scientists moneyed and famous are supposed to dominate in the society. Virtues and quality of life is always a God gift which must be used for self-development and welfare of the society.

🔷 Worship is a seed, which if put in proper discipline of growth, it will bear a full grown tree with all its components of  leaves branches fruits, flowers and their seeds again.

🔶 Decide aim of your life. Follow some ideality in your own life, and work whole heartedly on that to achieve your constant visit to that ideality itself is great success of life over and above other virtues of life.

✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

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