सोमवार, 26 फ़रवरी 2018

👉 Be Determined & Committed. (Part 2)

🔶 Had they not waged war against ill-thoughts, what poor commitments alone could do; how those commitments would have completed. Ill-thoughts would have been overpowered and set aside in a corner. You must have an army of opponent thoughts in stand-by position to help you at any such crucial moment. The moment ill thoughts of avarice, sex-lust, jealousy and timidity come to your mind, just ask your good army to face them to stop and remove from mind. How it will do if you do not fight? Nothing worked except a war against RAVANA.

🔷 Did anything other than war worked against DURYODHAN? Did anything other than war worked against KANS? I am not talking about war of love, violence or non-violence. I however am only talking about war waged against ills & weaknesses in own personalities and improper conducts, wickedness prevalent in society. You must at any cost prepare an army of thoughts that is equally helpful in giving you support and making a new atmosphere around you. These are the thoughts of determination.
🔶 A farmer named HAZARI decided, ‘‘I have to plant a garden of one thousand mango trees.’’ Well people just conceded to him when he proceeded for that. Why people conceded? He was determined. Had he not been determined then he would have been wasting his time delivering here & there only speeches, ‘‘SAHAB, plant the tress, promote greenery.’’ So does anyone plant? The world spends a lot on advertisements but does anyone listen?

🔷 To be listened it is very essential that the person who is saying this must be a determined fellow. Being determined means committed to come around high class principles in life. Though essentially it should be for little things & for little periods initially so that no hindrance is faced in commitment, so that psychic force is developed and a base is prepared for bigger commitments ahead in life. It also helps a man to maintain his dignity by remembering such committed instances. Therefore it is very essential for you to be committed.
.... to be continue
✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

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