सोमवार, 21 सितंबर 2020

👉 Yug Nirman Yojana – A Sure Remedy for Present-day Ills

‘Yug Nirman Yojana’ (Campaign for Era - Transformation) through the medium of Gayatri Sadhana is the sure remedy prescribed by the Seer-Sage Swami Sarveswaranandji for all the ills of soul-mind-body by which mankind is afflicted in the present age. His disciple – Acharya Sriram Sharma – made Herculean efforts to implement his Master’s Plan and established the global Gayatri Mission, with its headquarters at Gayatri Teerth Shantikunj Hardwar, for the production of this wonder cure-all drug. The followers of Acharyasri, the Gayatri Parijans, are making an all – out effort to distribute this medicine (of Gayatri Sadhana) to one and all. Acharyasri asserted that Gayatri is for everyone; it is a divinely inspired revolution, which is bound to succeed in spite of all the opposition from dogmatic forces of outmoded traditions and beliefs.

The aim of ‘Yug Nirman’- revolution is to achieve the inner refinement and upliftment of the individual, the family and the society at large; and thus lay a firm foundation for the emergence of the golden era of genuine peace on earth.

The role of Gayatri Sadhana is to bring about a synthesizing transformation of attitudes, feelings and thoughts. If the existing divisive and ego-driven beliefs / traditions of the masses could be transmuted through spiritual awakening, then people, physically remaining the same, will intuitively experience the underlying Unity and Harmony of all that exists and will be rid of their mis-identity with the body.

This process of change of the era has already begun. The visible emergence of the bright future of humanity in the twenty-first century is very much linked with the success of Yug Nirman Yojana. Since its fulfillment is divinely ordained, the one thing that the parijans have to do in this transition period is to contribute their mite by uplifting and transmuting themselves through Gayatri Sadhana and then, by example, inspire others to do so. This will have the needed ripple effect, which will steadily build up the needed critical mass for initiating the process of human transformation, resulting in lasting peace and harmony on earth.

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