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👉 Sowing and Reaping (Investment & its Returns) (Part 2)

🔵 Just begin to spend all you have of these two things to receive back 100 times of the same, number ONE. Number TWO, your mind is one such resource provided by BHAGWAN that it must be employed exclusively for the cause of BHAGWAN, in place of employing it in nursing ego, worldliness and other useless issues. Invest all your power of thinking in the field of BHAGWAN just to receive back 100 times of that. Third thing is that you have feelings. Feelings, we have! Yes you too have.
🔴 Three bodies are there of you-Corporeal, Subtle and Cause. Here the labour is the part of corporeal body; the mind is situated in subtle body while the feeling or sentiment stands for cause body. The overall theory is that very these three things have been provided to you by BHAGWAN not to be put to any other use than one defined by BHAGWAN only. The Scenario around you goes against you once you go against the above theory. These are the three things provided to us by BHAGWAN.
🔵 The labour and body have been given to us by BHAGWAN. The mind too by BHAGWAN, not anyone else and the feelings have also been provided by BHAGWAN. That is why things of BHAGWAN must be invested for the cause of BHAGWAN only. One thing is there which is earned by you either in this birth or in previous birth. Anyway only that is earned by you, not given by BHAGWAN. What is that? That is money. Money is not given to anybody by BHAGWAN.

🔴 It is up to you whether you earn it honestly or dishonestly, whether you earn it through labour or through four twenty. BHAGWAN has nothing to do with it. My GURUDV asked me if the money I had was earned by me. I said, ‘‘how it can be earned by me? How a child of 14 years can earn it? It is given by my father.’’ He directed me to invest all the money in the field of BHAGWAN to receive back 100 times. Well, I noted it in my mind and rest is known to all that for the last 60 years that noting is still with me as it is.
🌹 to be continue...
🌹 Pt Shriram Sharma Aachrya

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