शुक्रवार, 7 जुलाई 2017

👉 Lose Not Your Heart Day 7

🌹 Look to Yourself for Guidance

🔵 One who knows himself to be part of God neither blames failure on others nor attributes success to himself. He does not become blinded by his own power and fail to see the real situation. Be as cautious of your own ego as you would of a rabid dog. Avoid attachment to your achievements as you would avoid a poisonous snake, and avoid people who will mock you for this. Direct every effort of your mind and heart towards God.

🔴 Depending on others for your happiness ultimately leads to helplessness and misery. Look within yourself for direction and not to others. Your true nature will help you become determined, and this determination will help you each your goal.

🌹 ~Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

👉 नियत मार्ग की मर्यादा

🔶 आकाश में ग्रह और नक्षत्र तूफानी चाल से अपनपी राह चलते हैं। एक सेकेण्ड में हजारों मील की यात्रा पार करते हैं पर चलते अपने नियत मार्ग प...