बुधवार, 10 मई 2017

👉 Intercession & its Significance. (Part 1)

🔴 The progress of a man has nothing to do with its outside development. Actually it is associated with how is the internal scenario of a man. Roots happen to be inside the earth and are not visible and a tree with small roots cannot grow much. The expansion you see of a man is actually not of its body or not due to its body, not of his money, not of his brain rather it is the expansion of his internal scenario/ inner-consciousness.  It is very likely that a man with a low level of inner-consciousness must be a shrewd & wicked one. No man from outside can be of any help even willingly to a man whose inner-consciousness has not been up to mark.
🔵 Very this secret has been unveiled in four legs of GAYATRI mantra that firstly our inner-consciousness must develop. The meaning of UPASANA (intercession), I have told you- be seated nearby, seated nearby whom? We are influenced by anyone, we sit nearby. We tend to misbehave when we sit nearby misbehaving people. Our children turn worthless and ridiculous. Neighbor’s children, worthless children become successful in misleading our innocent boys to show them cinemas, make them habitual of smoking and after some days make our boy the most useless and confused boy. Effect of company! Yes, a company compulsorily leaves its impressions in the mind. Bad companionship may leave impression so may leave a good one.

🌹  to be continue...
🌹 ~Pt Shriram Sharma Aachrya