मंगलवार, 18 अगस्त 2020

👉 ‘Balamupaswa’ – Worship Power

If there is any misery in your life, it is due to some weakness within you. Physical infirmity causes diseases, mental weakness gives rise to worries and if the intellectual abilities are poor, then it is certain that you are tied up in the bonds of slavery – you are searching for help of others for your progress. The communities, which are not united culturally, socially or nationally, are tortured by external attacks. Whatever it is, it is our own weakness of some kind or the other that is responsible for our misery. Therefore weakness is a sin. The Nature does not permit the weak and sinful to live with dignity and honour.

There is no dearth of resources in this world. Wealth and prosperity are available in plenty. One does not have to wander here and there to acquire material pleasures. But there is only one condition – Do you possess the requisite power to acquire and use them? If you are weak, then whatever wealth-resources you possess are also going to be snatched away. That is why Shruti says – ‘Balamupaswa’ – meaning ‘Worship Power’. Sins flourish in the absence of protective power. Therefore, if you are not powerful, then you are also responsible for the increase of sins even if you are a devotee of the Lord.

Whether you wish to benefit yourself or the society, power (Shakti – Balam) is essential. Therefore, first of all, acquire power. Then only will you be able to augment and protect your peace and prosperity and also help the needy.

~Samarth Guru Ramadas

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