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👉 Quintessence of Religion

The element of religion can’t be found in the mirage of rituals, cults or communal doctrines and rites. If you are true seeker, want to adopt religion in the truest sense, you must first introspect and sincerely analyze your aspirations, interests, habits and behavior to whether and to what extent these might trouble or hurt others or hinder their justified rights… You must restrain and curtail the tendencies of selfish possession, passions for sensual pleasures and ruthlessness and insensitivity to others.

Simultaneously, the altruistic tendencies and sentiments of kindness, generosity, love, amity, feeling of service, sharing and
cooperation should be cultivated and enhanced consistently. The only measure of one’s religiousness is – the less one’s selfishness and the more his/her altruism, the greater is his/her religiousness and spirituality. It is only through this path or religiousness that the individual self realizes higher realms of divine grace and salvation.

The major cause of all misery, adversities and sufferings in the world is that – knowingly or unknowingly, people do not behave with others in a manner, which they expect and like others to behave. This disparity of – “different weight used in the same balance for buying and for selling” is the root of all mistrusts, conflicts and animosity. Ego, avarice and selfishness make one blind and debauch from the path of religion. If you do what your conscience would not allow, or what you would not like someone else doing to you, then you are committing a sin. So be vigilant towards your ambitions, attitude and actions.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Mar. 1944

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