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👉 Where is the Lasting Joy?

🔷 We are all driven by the quest for joy. Behind all our plans, actions, expectations, lies this perennial thirst for joy. But because of our natural perception of the world and life at the gross material level, our domain of search remains confined to the sentient world and related extrovert experiences. We are not even aware that there could be an inner bliss or spiritual joy.

🔶 The feeling of delight is within us. How could the external things, material experiences enhance or suppress it? They might just give a momentary excitation or satisfy our ego for sometime. The true means and sources of joy lie deep within our own selves. The Vedic philosophy logically describes this fact – it is the consciousness-element of mind, which feels the joy. So, without knowing this sublime element or deciphering its nature and conditioning it, one can’t hope for unalloyed bliss or lasting joy. Conquering the mind is indeed bigger than conquering the world. One who succeeds in it is the happiest, strongest person in this world.

🔷 Hidden there is the subtle spring of infinite bliss in the core of our inner self. What we ever experience as joy is only a sprinkle of this immense source. The pleasure, if any, we find in the outer world is also a reflection of this inner impulse. As the Vedic Sciences (of Yoga etc) preach – in order to peep into this inner treasure, we will first have to purity and control our minds (both conscious
and unconscious mind), stabilize and uproot its agility and extrovert tendencies. Such a mind can eventually have the realization of divinity, of the absolute truth, the omnipresent, eternal Brahm. Attaining this state is a grand sadhana. The gamut of universal principles of religion is taught only for this purpose. The righteous path of morality, human religion alone can reach the realms of ever lasting joy.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Sept. 1942

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