मंगलवार, 3 जुलाई 2018

👉 Motivational Story

🔷 A student asked his teacher: “Who are the two angels who nurture life?” “Heart and tongue”, was the reply. The next question was: “Who are the two demons who destroy life?” “Heart and tongue”, was the reply again.
🔶 The cruelty and tenderness of heart makes a personmean or great respectively. Non-control over tongue leads to loss of health and friendship. Sweet and amiable speech, on the other hand, begets ample love and affection of the multitudes.

📖 From Pragya Puran

👉 दूसरे की गलती से सीखें

🔷 किसी जंगल में एक सिंह, एक गधा और एक लोमड़ी रहते थे। तीनों में गहरी मित्रता थी। तीनों मिलकर जंगल में घूमते और शिकार करते। एक दिन वे ती...