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👉 Soul - An Eternal Entity

🔷 “Oh Lord! Some people say soul exists, some say this body itself is the soul; while others say that soul does not exist after death. Please tell me – what is the truth? This is my third boon you have promised to grant me”.

🔶 Like Nachiketa, any human being, who has deeply involved himself in Tapa-Sadhana, Yoga or long-term meditation and contemplation practices but has not yet realized his immortal self-identity, remains in this inquisitive state. Does the soul exist or not? It is a question of paramount importance. Those who are not able to solve this riddle go on groping in dark for a convincing answer but for those who have realized their true – self, life becomes a boon and bliss.

🔷 In this regard, the concepts of Hindu philosophy are very clear. Leaving aside a few thinkers like Maharishi Charak, who identified the sense of soul consciousness with the physical body, most of the Indian seers have considered the soul as an eternal entity independent of the body. Complex methods of yoga have been discovered with the help of which it is possible to take the soul out of the body when a person is alive and make it consciously enter the dead body of another person. The following are few instances of such phenomena.

🔶 During a scriptural debate with Bhagvati Bharati, wife of Mandan Misra, Adi Shankaracharya became answerless on a question that required knowledge of sex. The latter requested for some time to be able to give a convincing reply. Coincidentally, during the same time, the king of Mahishmatinagar died. Shankaracharya made his soul enter the king’s dead body. This process is called Parkaya Pravesh. Daily he used to take out the soul from his body, leaving his dead body lying in the jungle and his soul entering the body of king. During the night when Shankaracharya used to reenter his own body, king’s body became dead. The use of two bodies by a single soul amply proves a separate existence of the soul.

🔷 In 1939, an army commandant L.P. Farrel of the Western Command saw with his own eyes near Assam-Burma border a yogi who came out from his old body and entered the dead body of a young man who then became alive. This incident has been published in the May, 1970 issue of Akhand Jyoti (Hindi edition) on pages 29-30.

🔶 Normally, it is believed that life is based on the process of respiration. But saint Haridas took samadhi for one month in the presence of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and several British officers and established that the relation of the body is related to the soul in the same way as the machine is run by the electrical power. Without the soul the body becomes dead.

🔷 These are a few of the hundreds of recorded testimonies of soul’s immortality.

📖 From Akhand Jyoti  Feb- 2002

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