शनिवार, 13 जनवरी 2018

👉 Sacrifice-Dedication (Part 1)

🔷 I have been sharing with you the knowledge; I have gained from this world. I have talking to you the whole night; I, seated beside you, have been caressing, telling you lullaby, while you have been in sleep and many other things I have been doing to you. I have been for long trying to convince you. O men! My friends! Will you not see me? Will you continue to treat me like a teacher blessing his pupils? I am a burning man; I am a right man. Would you too not become a burning man? Can’t you induce a fire within you to ignite the fires of knowledge within many others?

🔶  I have been explaining so many things. I have been using my all the four voices-PARAA, PASHAYANTI, MADHYAMAA & BAIKHARI. I have been speaking through your soul, heart, brain and ears. You go and go with my voice impressed in your mind. I am not going to leave you. I will be talking to you, quarreling with you, wherever I live. I will stop saying only when you begin to proceed on my path, the path I have been heading on the advice of my GURUDEV. I spent all my life on his hints.
🔷 I wish your time, sweat and money to be spent for the divine cause for which I have been born and for which I have lived my life, for the works which are for the welfare of the world that is uplifting of humanity. For this very reason I have been asking you to do a minor SADHANA in which you are expected to spend 10 paisa per day and time of 1 hour per day. These were little things to begin with, which I have been regularly saying to you but in days to come you will have to dedicate all you have at your disposal in the feet of BHAGWAN, as I have done so that you become eligible to have all that BHAGWAN has.

✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

👉 जो चाहोगे सो पाओगे !

🔶 एक साधु था, वह रोज घाट के किनारे बैठ कर चिल्लाया करता था, ”जो चाहोगे सो पाओगे”, जो चाहोगे सो पाओगे।” बहुत से लोग वहाँ से गुजरते थे पर...