सोमवार, 22 फ़रवरी 2021

👉 Do Not Panic or Perplex

Life is full of challenges and testing moments! Many a times the adverse circumstances are so intense that one just can’t bear them, he loses patience, gets anxious and panicked; cries on his destiny and helplessness… But this doesn’t solve the problem. The only source of definite support in such cases is – prudence and patience.

Ups and downs, good and bad experiences are natural phases of human life. We must remember this fact and convince ourselves of the truth that wisdom and pure knowledge (gyana) are the only keys to conquer the agonies caused by the tides of adversities or tragedies. Firm faith in God’s grace and justice is a must in such testing moments of sufferings. We must understand that our knowledge is too limited to grasp the system of God. Whether we realize it at that time or not, the circumstances and experiences that appear so painful to us also occur in fact for our welfare only.

Because of our half or illusory knowledge and narrow attitude, we cannot grasp the real cause or purpose behind the happenings in our life. We must accept it that major cause of our agonies and anxiety is our ignorance; we want everything to conform to our expectation, our favor. But the course of life has many dimensions, beyond our perception. Faith in absolute justice and mercy of the Omniscient God is all the more important in the moments of hardships and pains.

This gives us instant courage and light and helps maintain our calm without which we can’t even think properly. All religious scriptures preach the importance of the feeling of content and peace in all circumstance. It is indeed the nectar source of annulling all worries and panics even in the difficult, tragic situations. Adoption of peace, patience and satisfaction does not mean that you should not transact your duties or progress in your life. Rather, it implies that you should complete all your tasks, all duties, with mental stability and calm and a sense of inner faith in all circumstances.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, April 1943

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