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👉 Heard the Bhagwat four times

Parikshit Maharaj heard Bhagwat Puran from Shukdeo and attained salvation. A rich man on hearing this, developed great respect for the Bhagwat, and got eager to listen to it from a Brahmin to get liberated.

He searched and found a profound priest of Bhagwat. He told him his intention of hearing the Bhagwat. The priest told him that this is Kaliyug, all the pious activities in this age is reduced four times, thus he had to listen to it for four times. The reason behind the priest’s proposition was to get enough money out of the deal. He gave the fees to the priest and heard four Bhagwat lectures but it was of no use. The man then met a higher level of saint. He asked him, how Parikshit could get and he didn’t after listening to the Bhagwat.

The saint told him, that Parikshit Maharaj had known the death to be imminent and was completely detached from the world while hearing and Shukdeo Muni was narrating without the feeling of any kind of greed.

Whoever has got the knowledge in the form of an advice, free of any kind of self vested interests, that has produced desired results.

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