मंगलवार, 1 सितंबर 2020

👉 Everlasting happiness is within us.

Happiness is the natural characteristic of soul. When man is happy his soul becomes happy. Development of spiritual self increases the span of life and gives us an insight to life. The body languages, the radiant face, the romantic body speaks of the happiness. All of us in our lifetime experience such a bliss.

When we think of the passage from life to death, a point becomes clear that the center of happiness changes with the phases of life. At the time of birth in the lap of mother, childhood amongst toys and books, young age with wife and creation of wealth and fame and old age with grandchildren. When we think deeply we realize that we have spent our time in seeking happiness in worldly matters; in reality they are devoid of happiness. If there were true happiness the mind would be engrossed in it. But the center of happiness is always changing and that itself denotes that happiness is not there in worldly pleasures.
The center of our happiness and peace is our soul and is within us. Soul creates a state of happiness and makes us realize that state of happiness. Though happiness is within us we are seeking it outside in worldly pleasures and we accept it as a means of happiness.

Light rays of the soul, penetrate into things and create beauty, we try to own and enjoy the beauty but in vain. For some time it gives happiness but after some time it no longer gives us happiness. Then it is neither attractive nor feisty. The moment the light of the soul disappears from worldly things it ceases to be beautiful and does not give any happiness or enjoyment.

What kind of irony this is? The mockery of life goes on life long. From the time of birth, we try to find various ways of enjoyment and happiness. Though all of us have a flow of happiness within us we fail to realize it.  It is like exploring the jungle for the musk, instead of looking for a deer; similarly we look for happiness in the world outside. We must look for happiness within us and to do so one must use spiritual means. Happiness is the natural characteristic of soul; we can reach it only by knowing our soul through spiritual means.

📖  Akhand Jyoti

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