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👉 Whatever we have, is it less ?

A person went to a Mahatma and said, “Life is short. What all activities to do in such duration? You don’t have knowledge in childhood, old age is worse. You don’t get proper sleep and the diseases also bother. In the youth, we have to look after the family then how do we get the real knowledge? When do we do social service? Getting time in this life doesn’t seem happening.” Saying this he gets depressed and starts crying. 

Seeing him, the Mahatma also starts crying. The man asked, “Why are you crying?” The Mahatma said, “Son, what to do, I need food grains to eat. But I don’t have the land to grow grains. I am dying of hunger. One part of God is Maya (illusion). One part of Maya has three qualities. One part of the qualities is the sky. Sky has air and the air has fire. One part of the fire has water. One hundredth of water is earth. Mountains cover half of the earth. Then there are so many rivers and forests here and there. God has not even left a small piece of land for me. Different people have already occupied whatever little land was there. Tell me will I not starve then?” 

The person said to him,”In spite of all this you are alive, right? Then why do you cry?” The Mahatma said instantaneously, “You also have time and this invaluable life then why are you complaining that you don’t have enough time and life is getting spent away. From now on don’t complain about lack of time. At least use whatever you have.” 

It doesn’t suit human being, the prince of God’s kingdom, to complain about lack of resources. The desire of converting one’s incompleteness into the complete is only acceptable and desirable if it pertains to the inner spiritual space. But such a complaint is uncalled for when the external resources are in plenty. 

Pragya Puran Part 1

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