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👉 Existence of Sorrows is Imaginary

Vairagya (renouncement adopted by saints) means renouncing all ‘rags’. The word ‘rags’ refers to untoward attachments, excessive affection, jealousy, anger, worries, fear, cravings, ambitious-thirst, depression etc. These are the cause of all misery and restlessness in human life.

According to sagacious philosopher Socrates, over three-fourth of the sorrows experienced in the world are imaginary, one creates them for oneself because of his own illusory thinking and imaginations. If you enlighten your attitude and refine your imaginations, most of your worries and anguishes will disappear in no time. This is what leads to the principle of spirituality that - vairagya liberates from all sorrows and sufferings.

No one can ever fulfill all desires. The thirst for worldly pleasures, powers, resources, recognition, etc increases with more and more possession of what you wanted; the thralldom of selfish attachments tightens further with your inclination towards what is nearer and dearer to you… The only way to get rid of these unceasing bonds is to restrain the passions, the ambitions at their very inception by inner will and enlightened thoughts and sentiments. Vairagya generated thereby is perfect solution to elimination of all worries and sufferings.

📖  Akhand Jyoti, Nov. 1946

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