गुरुवार, 23 जुलाई 2020

👉 The World is a Reflection of Our Minds

The state and activities of the mind affect the body and those of the latter influence the mind in return. This cycle continues throughout the life. For example, if there is an ailment or pain somewhere in the body, mind also will be disturbed and worried. If mind is depressed, the body will also become inactive and so on. According to Vedanta, your mind is the architect of what you are and what the nature of your world is.

Mind is the linkage between successive live. One’s inner desires, convictions, thoughts are constantly inscribed in the inner core of the mind; these influence the intrinsic tendencies of mind and hence the future course of life… Even the kind of life form, the type of body, the circumstances one is born in, are shaped by the intrinsic nature of one’s mind. Thus, the world around us is nothing but a shadow or a reflection of our mind.

The world is neither good nor bad in itself. Little deeper thinking will make it clear to you that you experience the world as per the nature of your own inner self. Good or bad, beauty or ugliness, superiority or inferiority, etc are all creations of your own mind. It is in your hands whether to ruin your life in the poison of evils of jealous, hatred, selfishness or sooth it by the nectar of virtuous

📖  Akhand Jyoti, Feb. 1946

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