शनिवार, 25 जुलाई 2020

👉 Throw Away All Fears from Your Mind

Getting scared is not a natural tendency of human self. Your soul is absolutely free. It is only our mind, which has created all sorts of fears, worries, sorrows and what not. It is up to you whether to make your inner world ghostly and abominable by such negative tendencies or transform it into a living paradise pervaded with fearlessness, vivid zest, and illumined faith. No one can harm or help you if you awakened yourself. If you want, you can really be strong and free from all worries and fears. Remember again and again that it is your own good or bad thoughts, virtuous or evil tendencies and discerning or confused intellect that ‘create’ your auspicious or ill omen.

Even a slightest instinct of fear or worry disturbs your mental peace. Your thoughts then tend to revolve around its imaginary causes. It expands with greater intensity unless you awaken, firmly decide and uproot and throw it out from your mental field. Better do it now itself and keep away from all such negative feelings. Fight out and eradicate the demons of all fears and worries by the might of inner strength and self-confidence. Think of yourself as the immortal soul, the smog of all weaknesses and apprehensions will disappear with the dawn of self-recognition.

📖  Akhand Jyoti, Mar. 1946

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