शनिवार, 27 जून 2020

👉 Worship True Knowledge

There is nothing more sacred in this world then gyana (pure knowledge). It is also the divine virtue of the soul. God, the Omniscient manifests itself in absolute enlightenment through gyana. Gyana is the source of beatifying success and joy. Its light destroys all the darkness of ignorance and illusions from the mind and liberates the individual self from all thralldoms.

We remain entrapped in sorrows, sufferings, failures and discontent because our knowledge is incomplete, superficial. What we regard and acquire as knowledge, is simply a systematic accumulation of information of the perceivable world and thoughts fixed in a logical framework accepted by contemporary intellectuals.

The joy we hunt in the external things and worldly activities throughout our life is in fact hidden within our own self. We can’t experience it, we can’t discern between what is truly good and what is not because we don’t have true knowledge. The earlier we devote ourselves to attain this gyana the better.

Swadhyaya and Satsang (self-study and analysis in the light of the thoughts and works of elevated souls; and being in the company of such enlightened people) are the best means to accomplish the quest for gyana. The greater the number of individuals illumined by gyana, the faster and brighter will be the ascent of the society and the world they belong to.

📖  Akhand Jyoti, Apr. 1945

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