मंगलवार, 30 जून 2020

👉 Triumph over Vices

The external world, as we find it, is mostly a reflection of our inner world. Moreover, the intrinsic desires and sentiments of the human self are so strong that they attract and accumulate thoughts of similar nature, trigger one’s actions accordingly and thus create corresponding circumstances.

So if you want to clean up the ambience around you, you will have to begin purifying your own sentiments and thoughts first. If you want peace and benevolence around you, you should first conquer your own vices, untoward instincts and wrong thinking. Utter selfishness and egotism are the root causes of all conflicts and clashes, be that at familial, social or communal levels. The narrow tendency of grabbing supremacy at any cost, neglecting even the genuine rights of others and ignoring the ethics of humanity, are behind the religious or political battles and wars the consequences of which are horrifying and devastating.

You may care for self-respect and happy progress of your life, but it is not necessary that you should block someone else’s ascent for this or snatch it from someone. People might acquire wealth and might by such means, but it hardly gives them any joy and eventually proves to be agonizing. The only and the best way to happiness is that of equality, cooperation, mutual respect and goodwill.

This way, we all can contribute to spread happiness collectively and be happier… The evils of self-centeredness are toxic to the ambience of peace. The delight that emanates from and extends the nectar of collective, widespread happiness is the real joy…

📖  Akhand Jyoti, June 1945

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