बुधवार, 24 जून 2020

👉 Create Happiness in Life

Rise up with new zest for life. Sow the seeds of livelihood (in your mental field); create an ambience of purity around you. First uproot the hazardous ‘shrubs’ of ego and jealousy. If you tell lies, cheat others, conspire something against someone, you would belittle yourself; decline and darken your own future. If you attempt so, even if you apply all your powers, you may never be able to harm any one, as much as you would harm yourself; this way you would ruin your life completely.

Be sincere and endeavor to progress with honest and just means. You will have to prove yourself before the world if you want to achieve something here. It is the law of Nature that only those who are fit and vigorous to struggle against odds have the privilege of living a progressive life. If you can’t prove your independence in resolving your own problems, you can’t expect respect from others, if you are always dependent on others; the world will know you asnothing more than a parasite or a beggar.

That is why I am calling you. Get up! Rise! Strive to shape up your life by your diligence and sincere efforts of self-refinement!! Struggle to acquire and protect your rights as a human!!! You will find that the struggle of self-evolution is most blissful part of life. Few hours of such a life are better than thousands years of a lethargic, dull, ignorant life which is like a living ‘corpse’.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Feb. 1945

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