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Q.13. What  is the ideal ‘Bramhabhoj’ after completion of the ‘Anusthan’?

Ans. In an Anusthan the last ritual is ‘Brahmbhoj’ after Poornahuti in the Havan. Traditionally it requires feeding Brahmans or young maidens. Qualified, deserving Brahmans are not easily available, these days. Alternatively, maidens (who being symbolic of mother power of God the Matri Shakti, are fed to augment faith) are offered food, but at times they are not permitted by self-respecting parents to take food in a stranger’s house. Brahmbhoj has, thus, ceased to have relevance in the contemporary society.

Under these circumstances, Brahmdan i.e. ‘Dissemination of spiritual wisdom’ (Sadgyan) can truly serve the purpose of Brahmbhoj. For each Ahuti, one is recommended to donate one paisa (one hundredth of local currency) for Brahmdan and with this amount procure literature pertaining to ‘Yug Nirman’ (resurrection of moral values in the society) and distribute it to deserving persons. In this manner, one can sow seeds of spiritual wisdom in many hearts, the fruits of which are reaped by the readers and motivators alike.

Q.14. What should one do if some unfavourable unforeseen events occur during an Anusthan?

Ans. Under such circumstances one may discontinue the Sadhana, Jap etc. for the period and resume it later from the count of disruption. However, a mental recitation, without a rosary, is permissible in all circumstances.

✍🏻 Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
📖 Gayatri Sadhna truth and distortions Page 77

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