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👉 Injustice should not be tolerated till the last breath

Mahmud Ghajnabi was going back after looting the temple of Somnath. He had an army of one lack soldiers. As soon as army his army reached the camp, they saw a squad of one hundred horse riders was coming towards them with the speed of arrow.  A seventy year old, Rajput was leading the squad.

Mahmood Ghajnani could not understand why such a small force of soldiers was coming to destroy them by fighting with our army of one lack soldiers. He sent a messenger to ask the objective of those soldiers.

The old Rajput leader said to that messenger to tell the emperor that we know the result to fight with force with so much of difference in power. But we do not forget that in any condition, we should not tolerate injustice till our last breath.
Squad of one hundred horse riders fought with readiness to sacrifice their own lives and walloped thousands in no time. While facing heavy force, they lost their lives but till the last breath they kept saying that they were enough to face those one lakhs even if they were hundred in numbers.

This kind of shocking battle had a huge impact on Mahmud. He got astonished with amazing bravery of Rajputs. He thought of a new formula while determining new future war policies. Indians cannot be won by force, they should use cheating to win them because the inhabitants of this country are not familiar with the cheating.

Akhand Jyoti 1974

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