सोमवार, 3 दिसंबर 2018

👉 Quest for Joy

Man wanders all the time, throughout his life, in search of joy, blissful peace, but remains dismayed and astray…. Acquisition of hoards of wealth, worldly comforts, good health, delicious food, palatial house, vehicles, servants, gorgeous cloths, beauty, beloved family, faithful friends, supporters all around, powers, prestige, name and fame, security…., and what not he looks for? People who lack in any of these strive for their possession; those, who already have, try to possess more with new passions…

This scenario is like that of the tale of the swan (flamingo), which is hunting for the pearl since Ages, but finds nothing but a drop of dew… Why? Because, it did not really search for the pearl; did not even turn his face in the direction of the grand Ocean “Mansarovar” where the pearl is hidden in the depths… It did not gather the courage and strength to fly so long… Short-sighted intellect and pleasure-hungry mind advised it – “what is the guarantee that you will find that unseen “Mansarovar”; and who knows whether there will really be any pearl and you would trace it” so it satisfied itself with the shining drops of dew; licked it and thought it has quenched the thirst…; it flew for sometime and the thirst recurred with greater intensity.

The cycle continued… This is what happens with most of us who keep searching for ‘immortal’ joy in the mirage of perishable world, keep accumulating more of what gives only a momentary pleasure but keeps us away from the sight of real bliss…

📖 Akhand Jyoti, March. 1940

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