गुरुवार, 5 जुलाई 2018

👉 Worship Interrupted to Help the Needy

🔷 King Vikramaditya had gone out for hunting. He lost his way in a very dense and dark forest. His soldiers were left behind and he was all alone. In the dreadful forest the King could not find water and his throat was choking with thirst. Suddenly he saw a hut nearby. He went in and saw a holy man in deep meditation. The King then fell down and lost his consciousness.

🔶 When King Vikramaditya regained his consciousness he was surprised to see that the holy man was washing his face, fanning him and gave him water to drink. The King quickly stood up and asked with folded hands, "O Holy one, why did you interrupt your meditation and the worship of God for me?" The saint replied in a soft voice, "Son, it is the wish of God that no one in this world should suffer. Fulfillment of God's wish is very important for me. Worship of God can succeed only by the service of mankind"

📖 From Pragya Puran

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