मंगलवार, 10 जुलाई 2018

👉 Think High, Aim High

🔶 You may get clay toys with ease. But it’s not so easy to find gold. The tendencies of mind are often downwards and naturally drag it towards harmful actions and sins. However, it requires substantial efforts and zeal to carry out something worth, auspicious and beneficial. For example, the natural flow of water is from higher to lower levels, but the use of powerful pumps etc is required to take it upwards.

🔷 Sensual passions, ignorance-driven ambitions, untoward thoughts are hidden enemies that delude the mind of giving ‘pleasure’ but enslave it in a vicious trap. Likewise the gravitational force of the earth, they also have some kind of power of attraction, which pulls more and more tendencies and thoughts of similar kind.

🔶 But, the same is true of positive, sane thoughts, aspirations and determination as well; they also attract the likes and create more powerful field of attraction. Once we awaken the will and vigilance to think wisely and practice restraining the accumulated passions, we will begin to experience the transforming effects.

🔷 Unchecked accumulation of negative thoughts and vices sooner or later leads to decline, anxiety, despair and sinful sufferings. We should therefore be careful and watch and control our thoughts from this very moment.

📖 Akhand Jyoti,April 1940

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