शनिवार, 30 जून 2018

👉 Mahamana Mohan Malviya

🔷 It happened in the initial days of the Banaras Hindu University. Some students went to meet the founder vice-chancellor, Mahamana Mohan Malviya. They had many complaints against some of their teachers  and classmates. Malviyaji was an eminent scholar and patriot, who genuinely cared for the younger generation of the nation.

🔶 He patiently listened to the complaints then replied affectionately- “My young friends! There may be some thorns of angularities in those people, but these thorns would bother us only when we are not able to see the beauty of the flowers of their positive qualities. You should endeavor seeing the flowers of goodness indwelling  their lives; then the thorns will lose their prominence  and your life will also begin to get fragrant with the sweet scent of those flowers”.

📖 From Pragya Puran

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एक गांव में दो बुजुर्ग बातें कर रहे थे.... पहला :- मेरी एक पोती है, शादी के लायक है... BA  किया है, नौकरी करती है, कद - 5"2 इंच है....