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👉 Influence of Bioelectricity on Food Products – Last Part

🔶 1. Manifestation Against the Backdrop of a Dark Curtain:

This simple experiment would demonstrate the presence of the invisible bioelectric field of the body. Keep one of the chairs facing the least illuminated wall of the room and cover its back with the thick black cloth. Place a dimly lighted wick lamp on the chair. The light should not be visible on the cloth from behind the chair. Be seated on the second chair facing the back of the first chair at a distance of about a foot from the cloth. Resting elbows on the arms of chair, keep arms in an upright position with the palms and fingers pressed together (as in traditional Indian salutation `Namastey').  Now start rubbing both palms together vertically, slowly in the beginning, then gradually accelerate.

🔷 A close observation will show a fog-like hazy luminous emission emanating from the palms. The palms may also appear to glow with a couple of sparks flying out of them. Edges of nails would particularly appear luminous.

🔶 2. Sensory Perception of Bioelectric Magnetism: This experiment shows the bioelectric magnetism present in the body. Be seated on a non-conducting chair placed on the insulated floor. Keep body-parts away from any conducting surface (walls, floor or any other conducting body likely to leak the bioelectric charges from the body). Tightly press fingers of both hands together, leaving a little space between the palms. For about a minute keep the hands pressed together in this position. Now keeping the palms together, try to pull the fingers apart. The bioelectric magnetism of the body would resist the effort to separate them. A vibration will be felt in the fingers.

📖 Akhand Jyoti – April 2004 

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