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👉 Influence of Bioelectricity on Food Products - Part 1

🔷 Common man is hardly aware of the effect of “internal purity” of food on mind. In one of his books, Prof. Leadbeater, the founder member of Theosophical Society, speaks about the influence of subtle ingredients of food on human body. According to him, apart from the digestive matter, the food matter also carries with it certain subtle contents and our bodies absorb these as well.

🔶 We meticulously take care of the external, physical cleanliness of food, overlooking the fact, that its internal purity is much more necessary than its physical purity. Food products subtly absorb thoughts/traits of persons handling these for long periods. (Repeated right or wrong thinking becomes a part of habit, ultimately developing into a trait of the person.)

🔷 The imprints of these thoughts/traits on the edibles created by the bioelectric transmissions of associated persons are carried over to the mind of its consumer. The “internal purity” of food is maximally affected by the morality and mental state (at the time of cooking) of its cook.

📖 Akhand Jyoti – April 2004

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