गुरुवार, 27 जुलाई 2017

👉 Lose Not Your Heart Day 27

🌹  Live in Contentment

🔵 It is only wise to be prepared for changing times. You should never feel conceited about your successes, happiness, luxuries, or progress, because you do not know how long these will last. If they do not, there is no point in spending your energy complaining, despairing, or becoming angry. Use your time to think through the situation and devise a solution, or otherwise reconcile yourself to it. In the end, this will be more beneficial for you.

🔴 Real intelligence comes from finding happiness in whatever is available, and in this way, keeping your mental balance.

🌹 ~Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

👉 अनन्त संभावनाओं से युक्त मानवी सत्ता

🔶 बीज में वृक्ष की समस्त सम्भावनाएँ छिपी पड़ी हैं। सामान्य स्थिति में वे दिखाई नहीं पड़ती, पर जैसे ही बीज के उगने की परिस्थितियाँ प्राप...