मंगलवार, 25 जुलाई 2017

👉 Lose Not Your Heart Day 25

🌹  You are Your Own Friend and Enemy

🔵 Do not dwell on repeated failures. You have plenty of time before you. Start afresh and keep performing your duties properly;
success will be yours in due time.

🔴 Do not beg others for help, because in reality, no one has the capacity to truly help you. Likewise, do not blame others when you are depressed as no one has the capacity to cause you pain. You are your own friend and enemy. Every situation you find yourself in, whether good or bad, is of your own creation. Change your outlook towards a situation, and right away the fear surrounding it will vanish.

🌹 ~Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

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  1. Poojya Guruji,
    The content emphasized on two major things,that do not stick on failure and do not relay on others for our progress orblame others for our failures had given right guidance for those who systematically depends on others.It has given the true guidance for me to take the path of "Self" for my progress.Here we have to spiritual insight to see spiritual realities. We always try to see through our eyes and act as per this. But we are not trying to understand our inner strength to act as per the guidance coming from our soul. Because of this,we feel that those who are around us are the real reason for our progress or failure.But if we try to evaluate ourselves,we can find that the paths of progress and failure both are in front of us and as per our decision, the result.Thank you for such a thought intuitive content ,which made me think on the reasons for the progress as well as the failure. Thanks once again.With prayers and hopes for more such contents Lalitha.N.Menon.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं

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