सोमवार, 1 मई 2017

👉 MANAN (Part 1)

(motivating the self-being for present & future period) & its Significance.

🔴 Now comes, the second leg that is to be considered after first leg of ‘CHINTAN’ during the period you are in solitude. Its name is ‘MANAN’ (motivating the self-being). What is ‘MANAN’? ‘MANAN’ again like ‘CHINTAN’ comprises of two stages. The first stage here is called ‘SELF-INCULCATING/ AUTO-SUGGESTION’ while the second one is ‘SELF-DEVELOPMENT’. What to do in ‘INCULCATING’. ‘INCULCATING’ here stands for incorporating some new specification that you usually do not have by now in your temperament, virtue and action. For example you are illiterate and have no knowledge, so now starts trying for that. What to try? You have to start studying.  

🔵 We are honest, do not smoke, that is nice but I ask why you do not fill the gap created due to your illiteracy or being uneducated? If you do not do that how progress will begin?  How your knowledge-base will widen?  How your mind will develop? That is why there is bulk of jobs to be done here as far as building your personality is concerned. Your health is weak due to smoking but your commitment alone to stop smoking will not work as it will only put a break to incurring losses. Yes, it was to be compulsorily stopped but one more thing will also have to be done. To add to your health, you will also have to make necessary changes in your food-habits. You will have to exercise celibacy besides adopting some new way of physical exercise. These new specifications for what, for unleashing the chain of progress as all these are the parts of ‘SELF-INCULCATING’.

🌹 to be continue...
🌹 ~Pt Shriram Sharma Aachrya

👉 महात्मा बुद्ध और अनुयायी -

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