गुरुवार, 11 मई 2017

👉 Intercession & its Significance. (Part 2)

🔴 Very this has been quoted at one place in RAMAYANA---

Look, so is the influence of a company that a crow becomes a cuckoo whereas heron, a swan. UPASANA or intercession means to be tuned or harmonized. Harmonization with whom-Harmonization with BHAGWAN; what kind of harmonization with BHAGWAN? Harmonization with BHAGWAN simply means specifications of BHAGWAN landing in our life. but it could not happen and  we never pursued BHAGWAN’s specifications to land in our life, rather we tried things against it, what is against it- as we & you generally do. Let our wickedness, meanness dominate BHAGWAN. We wish our BHAGWAN to be as wicked, as immoral as mean & useless as we all are and he must comply to our wishes only. Do you want that BHAGWAN must fulfill what you desire? Are you worthy enough that BHAGWAN should meet your demands?
🔵 You offer incense-sticks to him and in exchange you expect him to compensate you. You expect BHAGWAN to follow your dictation just in exchange of bribery of few incense-sticks. This can’t happen for it is a misunderstanding. No one knows how this misunderstanding came in the mind of people that BHAGWAN can be persuaded like a child and that he can be compelled to consent to our dictation as a child does. Is it possible? Son, that’s not possible. Suppose, we all are the devotees of HANUMAN and if we pray to him that our neighbor should die as he tortures us and our neighbor too prays to him that we should die. Both are devotees of HANUMAN, ok. Hanuman has no idea as to whose demand is genuine as both are his devotees. Hanuman is not sure about whose demand is due and whose’ is undue. Now tell whether Hanuman will kill the neighbor to meet our demand or kill us to meet neighbor’s demand?  You tell what will hanuman do now?  Do you harass hanuman? Son, there is no way to happen that. Please, no PUJA for the purpose of wishes. Kindly stop your PUJA-PATH if it is exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling some desire.

🌹  to be continue...
🌹 ~Pt Shriram Sharma Aachrya

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