रविवार, 23 अप्रैल 2017

👉 CHINTAN (Last Part)

(studying the past-period of self-being): its Significance & Mechanics
🔴 Self-Refinement comes just next to Self-Inspection or Self-Review. How to refine? What is to be done to refine? There is prevention in second leg called Self-Refinement. For example if you consume liquor, just stop taking it. No sir, I shall not take wine. If you smoke, you hurt your heart then just review that. Now we shall not allow our hearts to be damaged. Self-Refinement is the name of very this action. Just wage a war against mistakes done by you so far and poise to remove that. Use your willpower in such a way that mistakes done by now must not be repeated in future. Prepare a scheme/blueprint to this effect.

🔵 What is the way of not allowing the mistakes to take place? What will we do, if rawness of our temperament compels us to continue with previous routine? The moment your mind begins partiality & favoring with what is convenient to you, be sure that is the right time to discourage and take a stand against it. Just wage a war against it. Very this war/task is called ‘Self-Refinement’. The process of ‘CHINTAN’ (also known as the very first leg towards personality-building/transformation ) comprises of two stages of SELF-INSPECTION/REVIEW and ‘SELF-REFINEMENT’ taken together. It was all that was to be told to you. 

🌹 ~Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya