गुरुवार, 26 जुलाई 2018

👉 Enrich Your Heart

🔶 Great personalities do not accumulate wealth, neither do they desire for it; because, they have a generous heart full of a treasure that is bigger than that of Kuber (the God of wealth). It is said that there is no place for the one who is poor (miser) at heart; if there is no compassion in one’s heart, he will have no abode (of peace) – neither in this world, nor in the sublime world beyond… A materialistically poor man may have many chances of getting wealthy but the one whose heart is merciless will remain a beggar who will get scorn from everywhere.

🔷 Who can be a follower of truth and sainthood? Who is worthy of seeing God? The one, whose heart pulsates with generosity and love… Harsh, dry-hearted, cruel ones are infirm, they are impaired despite having healthy body, mind and resourceful life; they won’t be able to enjoy even the nectar kept in their closed vicinity. ‘O’ tyrants, just think before terrorizing others! What will happen the day when you will be in the place of your victims? Why be blinded by selfish passions, ego and follow apathy? You will have to bear the painful retribution life after life…Mother earth is a witness to this law of eternity; sooner or later the sinners have to face the dreadful punishments of the hell right here. Therefore, be gentle, sensitive, kind and helpful to others.

🔶 Those who possess the light of compassion in their hearts will never wander in the dark. So open your eyes to look inside and illumine your heart with the glow of kindness. Be considerate and compassionate to every one around you.

📖 Akhand Jyoti, Feb. 1942

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